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7th Annual 2021 Sundance Beer Festival 

Sadly 2021 Sundance Beer Festival has been POSTPONED until 2022. We are working on restructuring the event and plan to be back and better than ever next year!

Hey Guys,

We’re inviting you to join us on September 11th from 4-9pm for the 7th Annual Sundance Beer Festival…Where the Kid got his Foam!   This annual event is sure to be a great tradition and we are excited to know you’re considering joining us in 2021!

Check out our website and facebook page @SundanceBeerFest to see pics-n-posts of past Festivals.  It was a great time and we look forward to showcasing your recipes in 2021 to all the beer lovers in the Black Hills of Wyoming & South Dakota.

Below is the 2019 information – 2021 info will be posted as we get closer to the event.

We have created an awesome brew tasting event and we’re committed to keeping it in a family friendly environment on our Main Street in Sundance.  Here are some great benefits we’ve arranged for you:

1)  Festival will pay $50 p/keg brewer incentive bonus (max. 4 kegs) to help cover your beer production costs.
2)  One free t-shirt & wristband and one complimentary lunch at your choice; Longhorn Saloon or any of the other foodies on hand.

Here are some important details on the 4pm – 9pm event:

A)  2019 People’s Choice trophies will be given in the categories of Pale Ale, Wheat, Amber, IPA, Lager, Porter/Stout, Specialty, Best Home-Brewer, & Best Overall Brewery.
B)  Kegs can be stored overnight in a refrigerated location in Sundance.  We are planning to pay $50 p/keg to each brewery (max. 4 kegs).  Please feel free to bring additional kegs to round out your beer selection.  Ice will be provided to you on Saturday.
C)  Booth Setup can begin at noon—please stop at Festival registration table for your booth location.  If requested prior to the event a 6’ long table will be provided.  Please bring all other equipment and staff necessary to serve your beer.  You must be ready by 4pm when the event officially begins.  If your taps are on a trailer that will need to be parked on Main Street, please indicate this in your email.
D)  Brewers Meeting will be held on Saturday at 3:00 pm in the middle of Main Street.  At that time we’ll go over our Festival policies and hand out t-shirts and wristbands.  
E)  People’s Choice Voting jars will be at the each brewers booth. Each paid attendee will vote for their favorite competition class beers with tokens provided by Festival.  People’s Choice Voting will end at 8:30 pm.
F)  General Public will be admitted starting at 4pm until serving ends at 9pm.   Each paying participant receives a 4oz event mug and can sample unlimited beers during the 5 hour event.  Only event mugs can be used by both the general public and attending brewers—no outside containers will be allowed; including but not limited to glasses, mugs, cups, tankers, growlers.
G)  T-Shirts will be printed and sold.  One complimentary t-shirt will be given to each brewer.
H)  Wristbands will be given to those whose legal age is 21 and older and who have paid an entry fee.  Only people with a wristband can be served. One complimentary wristband will be issued to brewers, additional wristbands are $25 each.
I)  Paid Attendees to the event will be provided with a glass, a wristband, and (9) tokens to cast their People’s Choice Voting ballots.  Entry fee is $25 per person—those who will be imbibing of the Festival beverages.  Underage minors and non-participants will not be charged to enter.
J)  Trophies will be given to the winner in each of the seven categories.  They will be awarded at approximately 9:00pm.
K)  Last Call will be announced at 8:45pm and the final pour is 9pm.  Absolutely no pouring after 9pm.  Music will continue until 10pm, festival attendees will be directed to partake at the local bars and restaurants after 10pm.
L)  Dining & Lodging facilities are abundant in Sundance.  Please see the list of Hotels and Restaurants at

Here’s what we need from you before September 1st:
1.  An email committing to attending our event. 
2.  Any special needs should be communicated to the event organizers.


If you have any questions please email or call 307-283-1000.

See you at the 7th Annual Sundance Beer Festival…Where the Kid got his Foam! The date is set September 11th, 2021 – mark you calendar!